Who are we?

I2Cure Private Limited is a global Biotech Company, led by a visionary Singaporean IIT-Kanpur alumnus, and backed by prestigious research institutions. We take immense pride in introducing the world's pioneering Molecular Iodine (I2) based pharmaceutical, cosmeceutical, and veterinary range, marking a significant breakthrough in advanced science.

At I2Cure, our core values drive everything we do. We are dedicated to solving our customers' challenges through innovative scientific technology, ensuring superior quality, value, and service in every product we offer. 

Our commitment to continuous improvement drives us to enhance our knowledge and deliver exceptional results. 

What we offer?

Our entire product line is built on the notion of delivering Preventive & Curative Care with the benefits of Molecular Iodine (I2).

Iodine is one of the oldest and most potent antibacterial medicines in medical practice. We have strengthened the efficacy of iodine by releasing free molecular iodine and isolating it from all irritants such as triiodide, iodides, iodates, and others. All research & development, as well as subsequent production & manufacturing of products, are done at our production units by a solid team of respectable & well-established experts from the medical & science fraternity.