Molecular Iodine


Historical Significance in Medicine

Iodine's healing properties were recognized as early as the 1830s, with surgeons like Hertford advocating its use for wound treatment. By the late 19th century, it was hailed as a panacea for various ailments, leading to its widespread adoption in medical practice.

Evolution and Endorsement in Surgery

Surgeons like Thomas Bryant endorsed iodine as the premier antiseptic by the early 20th century. Its indispensable role in field hospitals during World War I underscored its efficacy, paving the way for modern iodophor formulations like Povidone-iodine widely used today.

Revolutionizing Antimicrobial Care

In recent decades, research has focused on enhancing iodine's antimicrobial properties while mitigating side effects. Molecular iodine (I₂) emerged as a potent, non-toxic biocide effective against various pathogens, offering sustained antimicrobial action and versatile application in healthcare settings.

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