BioShield™ (240 Sachet)

Rs. 1,900.00

Swab Sachet is your quick and easy solution for keeping your skin clean and protected. With a special mix of molecular iodine (I₂) and alcohol, it fights off a wide range of germs, making it perfect for getting your skin ready before injections or other procedures. It works fast, starting to clean your skin in just 2 seconds. The synergy between molecular iodine and alcohol enhances their disinfectant properties, working together to combat a wide range of pathogens effectively. So, whether you're at the doctor's office or preparing for a quick fix, our Swab Sachet has you covered, keeping you safe and germ-free in a snap!

Molecular Iodine, known for its potent antimicrobial properties, Molecular Iodine acts as a powerful germ-fighter. It penetrates the cell walls of pathogens, disrupting their vital functions and preventing their growth and spread. Alcohol denatures proteins in bacterial cell walls, effectively breaking them down and rendering the bacteria unable to function or reproduce.

  • Provides alcohol-free and stain-free protection, ensuring a comfortable application experience.
  • Acts as a protective barrier against germs, preventing the spread of harmful pathogens.
  • Offers continuous release of germ-fighting power, ensuring long-lasting protection.
  • Suitable for use on sensitive areas such as lips and inside the nose, providing comprehensive protection.
  • Guarantees comfort and convenience with every use, making it an essential part of daily hygiene routine.

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